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Precautions for the electroplating process of die castings

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-12-31

Aluminum alloy die-casting electroplating process, first of all, aluminum die-casting has obvious advantages in the use process. The casting has high precision in the processing process, the surface of the casting is smooth, and there is no rough surface phenomenon. The strength and hardness of aluminum alloy die casting are better than those of ordinary sand casting. Aluminum die-casting has high dimensional stability and can die-cast more complex types of parts.

However, if the cast product to be cast is durable, the aluminum alloy die-casting electroplating process is an important step in the manufacture of die-cast products. When the product structure is designed in the early stage, the die-casting product and the blank processing are not good. The electroplating process was also cancelled.

Electroplating process description of aluminum alloy die castings:

(1) Electroplating is used, or the polishing process is minimized. In order to reduce the polishing workload, a glossy coating is preferred.

On the one hand, it is not easy to polish due to the complex shape, but on the other hand, it can ensure the thickness of the coating and ensure the quality.

(2) If the die-casting process is inappropriate, or due to improper die-casting mold design, if the die-casting surface is cold-rolled, shrink hole, loose or pinhole, etc., even if electroplating measures are taken, usually you cannot get a satisfactory coating.

(3) The shape of die castings is generally complicated, and electroplating requires a solution with excellent dispersibility and coating properties.

In order to prevent the replacement of the positive electrode metal by aluminum in the groove or mask, and to prevent good coupling, the pre-plated layer must be a plating solution with good dispersion and coating.

Electroplating technology is the technology that considers electroplating equipment the most, and the operation of electroplating treatment plants is also considered a technology, so it is difficult to achieve this without cutting costs.

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