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What is Damascus steel

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What is Damascus steel

Damascus steel, ancient called “fagoted iron”, is a high-carbon steel, modern called Wootz steel, the Middle East Damascus region casting sword used by the traditional steel. From the third century to the 17th century, the Middle East from India, Sri Lanka imported this steel, with a specific forging technology, to create out of the tool, extremely sharp, quality is not inferior to the Japanese samurai sword, these swords are also known as Damascus steel.


The difference

Indian steel

The crucible smelting of ultra-high carbon steels (1.5 to 2% carbon), made by the smokers of Hyderabad, located in the northwest corner of ancient India, was sold to "rest" (Persian) in the 6th to 5th centuries BC, Or even Egypt, etc., their smelting method is: the black manganese ore, bamboo charcoal and some plant leaves sealed in a ceramic furnace combustion heating, when these things melt, the dross to form a metal, and then the metal repeated Melting, cooling four or five times, and finally made into a diameter of 5 inches, the thickness of 0.5 inches, weighing about 2 pounds of metal blocks.

Wootz steel

The metal blocks made in India can not be directly named Damascus, and they are called Damascus because they are trafficked into Damascus (in Syria today) and used to produce weapons, That is, after the Damascus sword (or Damascus).

In summary, it should be "Wootz" at first, and then "Damascus steel", "Wootz" because it was produced in India was also translated as "Indian iron."

17- 1st melt grain.jpg

Fagoted iron

Fagoted iron: the ancient one of the steel, the surface polished and then treated with corrosion agent, visible pattern, also known as "Bin iron." "Bin iron" is not "Damascus steel" synonyms, closer to the crucible steel series. Bin iron is more like the processing of the steel from Central Asia, and the Damascus steel processed from South Asia is rare (not absolutely absent).

Advantages of Damascus steel

Modern Damascus steel is made of forging process, the general use of complementary steel is forged together. So hard and hard materials stacked together forging out of the steel both toughness also has a strong hardness. And the general steel of the singularity will result in toughness and hardness can not take into account the situation at the same time. And Damascus steel is made of multi-layer forged, and its density is greater than the average steel, forging tools made of great weight. Damascus steel forged tool is more resistant to rust.

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