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Change ideas, improve management 2

  • Author:Juno
  • Source:diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-08-11
(3) the advantages of state-owned enterprises, the introduction of high-tech equipment, than the township, individual and other small mold manufacturers are much stronger.

State owned large and medium-sized enterprises (die industry) have the orthodox national quality certification, have brand effect advantage, this advantage in the future market competition will be more good performance. XY-GLOBAL is a professional supplier of custom metal parts, provides you with cnc machining parts importers.

We have more staff, from the formal technical school and secondary school allocation of substantial, with a high theoretical basis. If multi skill training is strengthened, it will play a greater role.
Individual township enterprises quite a number of owners rely on equipment, skilled labor, tax articles, in business ties, maintain survival. 

From long-term development, this part of the enterprise will be eliminated market. The quick behavior is a common problem, some individual economic problems. They can steal a part of state-owned enterprises at once, but if the state-owned enterprises establish a perfect modern enterprise system, the phenomenon of "Peacock Flying Southeast" will become history.

(4)after sale service, Haier group regards after-sales service as the soul of enterprise management concept and the best way to set up product reputation, thus winning the market. 

Foundry mould industry should draw lessons from. Services, on the face of it, are benefited by the service buyer, and in essence, the service process is a perfect process for the manufacturers who manufacture and sell the products. XY-GLOBAL focuses on the production of professional mechanical and plastics parts supplier in china.

Service is an effective way to collect information, and get the first hand information to improve the specific direction. Whether the user is praised for the product or critical opinion, it reflects the product situation is basically true, there is a good saying, God is always right. 

Finally, China's casting mold industry socialization, large cooperation and professional production should be strengthened, which is an effective measure to resist the impact of accession to the WTO. The casting mould industry must also have a flexible and diversified fleet, which will escort the automobile industry of our country.

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