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West Chong camping

  • Author:July
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  • Release on:2016-10-06
          West Chong camping

This is the third time of our company outside activities this year. In addition to company benefits, there will be good performance of the staff invited us to travel.Working in XY-global is really a very happy thing.

This is my first time to go to camping, We brought a lot of ingredients and drinking water on an uninhabited island. When we landed in the island is already at night, no one on the island, we can not see the foot of the road, we use the flashlight for each other according to the road. We found an open beach tent. Although many small partners are the first tent, but really take it very well. Making tent  is really a test of our ability to cooperate . Two people take the tent, take  good and fast.

After the taking tents we started to get food, we mainly barbecue to barbecue, of course, we also have boiled ingredients. Because the wind on the island, we have the fire, several times was extinguished. We each do their own ingredients. Their own vegetables, their cooking, their own food to eat their own. Although some difficulties, but the strength of a group of people is great, and this is Confucius said: "Three persons, there must be my teacher ." We help each other. Soon we fill our belly.

After eating our food, I began to play games ---- murder game. Kill the game is a very test of people's ability to analyze the game. Only a clever team of people will win. Anyway, we had a good time. Play tired, we live in their own tents to sleep.

At dawn, we can see the scenery on the island, last night to see that unfinished building, and now it seems not so horrible. We face the sea, enjoy the beautiful sea view, watching the seagulls flying in the sky, ships or homework. The sun shines at the beginning of the light sprinkled on the sea, bright waves. We decided to swim in the cool sea. And I will not play, can only be in the sea water bath.

Overall, this is a very good trip.