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Typical application of die-cast aluminum alloy in automobile

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-07-01

The development of die casting industry is closely related to the automobile industry. In recent years, people's requirements for automobiles gradually tend to be high performance, low pollution, low energy consumption and other indicators. The weight of automobiles plays a decisive role in fuel economy.  Lightweight design has become the most critical index in the design of fuel and new energy vehicles. 

At present, the application scope of aluminum alloy die casting in the automotive industry has been used in structural parts, stress parts, safety parts and decorative parts according to the use function, mainly including the following aspects: 

(1) power system: cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder head cover, crankcase, cylinder head cover, oil pan, piston, pump body, pump cover, intake pipe, generator housing, engine gear room, six rocker arm seat, all kinds of engine support, etc.; 


(2) Transmission system: transmission housing, transmission oil plate, clutch housing, shift pulling fork, transmission bracket, etc.

(3) Steering system: chain cover, rack shell and turbine shell; 

(4) Chassis assembly: suspension bracket and beam; 

(5) Body: hub, skeleton and decorative products; 

(6) Others: lower end cover of shock absorber, compressor bracket, clutch pedal and brake pedal, etc. 

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