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The Law of Bucket

  • Author:Rachel
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2017-08-15
The law of bucket is about how much water a bucket can hold, depending on its shortest piece of wood. A wooden bucket must be filled with water, and each board must be equally flat and free of breakage. If there is a piece of wood in the barrel or a hole under one of the planks, the bucket will not be filled with water.
How much water a cask can hold depends not on the longest piece of wood, but on the shortest piece of wood. Also known as the short board effect. A common problem that any organization may face is that parts of an organization are often uneven, and the inferior part often determines the level of the organization as a whole. Therefore, the whole society and each of us should think about our own "short board" and make up for it as soon as possible.
From the barrel principle, we can find that the final storage capacity of the cask depends not only on the shortest piece of wood, but also on the use of the wooden barrel and the connection and coordination between the wooden boards. The use of a particular state, through mutual cooperation, can increase the bucket of water storage, to a certain extent, such as: consciously put the bucket to tilt the direction of a long board, the water storage barrel will be much more than before.