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Principle of temperature control for injection mold

  • Author:liuweiqiong
  • Source:liuweiqiong
  • Release on:2017-08-15
The temperature of the injection mold has a great influence on the filling flow, curing, shaping efficiency, the shape and size accuracy of the plastic melt. 

Each kind of plastic injection molding (plastic mold company china) has a reasonable mold temperature, the fluidity of the melt to fill the cavity, after stripping plastic shrinkage and warpage, dimensional stability, mechanical properties and surface quality is high. 

1., the necessity of temperature regulation
The mold temperature has a great influence on the forming quality and molding efficiency of the adhesive. In the mold of high temperature, flow of molten plastic material is better, is conducive to the glue filling cavity, plastic surface to obtain high quality, but can make the rubber curing time, easy deformation during ejection, the crystalline compound, more conducive to the crystallization process, avoid storing and the use of glue size change; when the mould temperature is low, the melt glue difficult to fill the cavity, leading to increased stress, matte, craze, weld marks.


2. mold temperature control principle
In order to ensure high quality appearance, stable size and little distortion in the most effective time, the basic principle of mold temperature control should be understood clearly.

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