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Solution of slag inclusion in die casting aluminum processing

Solution of slag inclusion in die casting aluminum processing

GAO JUNYI www.xy-global.com 2021-11-16 21:08:53
In die casting aluminum processing, the oxidation slag inclusions are mostly distributed on the upper surface of die casting aluminum parts or in the corner of the mold. The fracture of die-cast aluminum parts is gray or yellow, which can be found by X-ray or mechanical processing, as well as alkaline washing, pickling or anodizing. Causes of oxidation and slag inclusion of die-casting aluminum parts:

There are many reasons for oxidation and slag inclusion of die-casting aluminum parts.

First of all, the burden is not clean, or too much recycling charge.

Second, the gating system is poorly designed.

Third, the slag in the pouring liquid has not been cleaned.

Fourth, improper operation when pouring, into slag.

Fifth, the standing time of casting after refining and metamorphic treatment is not enough.

Methods to prevent oxidation and slag inclusion of aluminum castings:

1. Use appropriate flux to remove slag.

2. Improve the design of pouring system and improve its slag retaining capacity.

3. Pouring should be smooth and pay attention to slag.

4. After refining, the alloy liquid should stand for a certain time before pouring.

5. The charge shall be sand blown, and the amount of return charge shall be appropriately reduced.