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3D printing technology in medical industry

  • Author:Wang Xueqi
  • Source:www. xy-global .com
  • Release on:2021-11-16

1. Medical model and surgical guide 3D printing

Three-dimensional modeling according to the patient's CT data before surgery, then print out the model using a 3D printer to obtain a medical model. The main role of this model is to allow doctors to visually see the three-dimensional structure of the surgical site before surgery, which helps doctors plan surgery programs. Especially for complex surgery, it helps to reduce the risk of surgery and improve the success rate of surgery.

2. Rehabilitation equipment 3D printing

3D printing to correct the true value of rehabilitation equipment such as the insole, bionic hand, hearing aids, is more than just achieving precision customization, but also reflects the accurate, efficient digital manufacturing technology instead of manual production, and shortens production cycle.

3. Drug 3D printing

3D printing technology has mainly 4: personalized customization of drug active ingredients; dose personalization customization; shape of personalized customization; enabling drugs to improve drug release behavior, thus improving efficacy Reduce drug side effects.