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Simple Truth

  • Author:Rachel
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2017-08-11
  Once upon a time, there are two hungry elderly people has been a gift: a fishing rod and a basket of live fish. Among them, one to a basket fish, another person a fishing rod, and they part company each going his own way. Where the person gets the fish on the fire with dry boil the fish, he devoured, have not tasted the meat and fish, suddenly, even the fish soup with which he ate, soon, he starved to death in the empty side. Another one is carrying rod to starve, difficult step by step to walk to the beach, but when he has not seen the blue sea, he was the last bit of strength and make out, he can only afford to strip endless regret.
  There are two hungry people, they also received the elderly gift of a fishing rod and a basket of fish. But they did not separate, but agreed together to find the sea, they only cook a fish, they go through the distant journey, came to the seaside, since then, the two began a day of fishing, a few years later, they built a house with their families and children, have their own construction fishing, live a happy and healthy life.
A man who is only interested in the immediate interests, will eventually be short-lived pleasure; a person with lofty goals, but also to face the reality of life. Only by combining the ideal with the reality can we become a successful man. Sometimes, a simple truth is enough to give a meaningful life inspiration.