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Change ideas, improve management

  • Author:Juno
  • Source:diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2017-08-10
Any advanced technology and equipment can not be separated from scientific management. The management category is very extensive, this article intends to discuss how to make the casting mold adapt to the development trend from the production and technical management.

(1) actively promote industry management, establish industry management coordination network, according to the national economic development plan, formulate regional specialization plans for the needs of the mold, and guide enterprises to take the road of specialization. Give full play to the role of associations and societies, and guide the work of the whole profession.

Put forward the development target of mould domestic project and the suggestion of mould scientific research. XY-GLOBAL is a professional supplier of custom metal parts, provides you with China CNC Machined Parts distributor.

To enter the market and export of mold, mold standard parts for quality appraisal, the right to supervise the mold market. Collect and organize the development data of mould industry, establish relevant files, establish systematic mould technology, economy and quality statistic system. This is for industry management.

2) the internal management of enterprises, we should avoid weaknesses in market research, there is a most basic experience, compared to that of state-owned enterprises and individual proprietorship, joint venture, township (mold industry) the biggest difference is the concept of the market.

In concept, there is no small unknown enterprises open. In addition to the impact of climate change, the decision-making level of state-owned enterprises should be quickly reflected and updated in a timely manner. XY-GLOBAL focuses on the production of Laser engraving aluminum turning cylinder.

The state-owned enterprises generally have poor management links, high labor costs, and their employees' sense of crisis is far less than that of employees of non state owned enterprises (working families). This is along with the establishment of modern enterprise system of state-owned enterprises approaching, first of all to solve the concept of problems.

The mold manufacturing enterprises not too much division, the staff of state-owned enterprises that all-around advantage.

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