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Robot restaurant for Beijing Winter Olympics

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2022-02-01

The Beijing Winter Olympics will open in Beijing, China on February 4. Before the opening, athletes from various countries will stay in the East Olympic Village and wait for the opening of the East Olympics on February 4.

In the smart restaurant of this Winter Olympics, there are no chefs and no waiters. In the fully transparent kitchen, some robot "chefs" are working in an orderly manner.

After diners scan the QR code to order on the dining table, 120 robot chefs complete Chinese food, Western food, cocktails and other foods 24 hours a day. Landing, hovering in front of people for their access, all-in-one is fully automatic.

Due to very few staff, the food safety factor of the restaurant is very high, which also provides an effective guarantee for epidemic prevention and control.

China's unmanned restaurants represent the progress of China's various fields of science and technology, showing different scientific and technological styles, allowing athletes from all over the world to have a comfortable and reassuring dining environment, and greet the competition with the best mentality.

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