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What material are the five rings used in the Winter Olympics?

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2022-02-04

The five rings of the Winter Olympics are finalized! After repeated testing by scientific and technical personnel, it was finally determined that the total weight of the five rings is about 3 tons. The skeleton is made of aluminum alloy, which is both tough and light. The interior is a 360-degree LED display without dead ends, which can display any screen and set aside for the director team. It maximizes the creative space; the outermost diffuser plate makes a "beauty" for the display screen, ensuring the visual effect is clear and soft.

Choosing aluminum alloy as the five-ring frame has the following advantages;

1. Light and soft. The density of aluminum is 2171g/cm3, which is about one-third of the density of steel; the Young's modulus is also about one-third of that of steel.

2. Good strength. The tensile strength of pure aluminum is one-fifth that of mild steel. However, after heat treatment strengthening and alloying strengthening, its strength will be greatly increased.

3. Good corrosion resistance. One of the characteristics of aluminum alloys is that when exposed to air, a dense oxide film will form on the surface, which can prevent corrosion, so it has good corrosion resistance. If the "aluminum oxide film treatment method is applied to it, the corrosion can be completely prevented.

4. Good processing performance. The extrusion performance of the profiles for railway vehicles is good, and the secondary machining and bending are also easier.

5. Easy to regenerate. Aluminum has a low melting point (660 ℃) and is easy to regenerate. It is also pollution-free when disposing of it, which is beneficial to environmental protection and conforms to the sustainable development strategy.

The upper five rings of the Winter Olympics will not be deformed during the suspension, and the final aluminum alloy material is suitable, which perfectly interprets the visual effect to be clear and soft.

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