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Keep Learning, Keep Growing

  • Author:Rachel
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2017-07-20
  A person's life is a process of constant learning and growing up. As the saying goes: "Take things as they come." In my view, not only to settle down, but also to go deep into. In this era of rapid development, do not learn, dare not face, dare not try, will be eliminated. We need to remind ourselves every moment that there is input, there is output. Input, that is, continue to learn, as close as possible to the professional place, and put what you learn into your mind. Output means converting what you have learned into what you need and use it. The company's values are: customer first, team work, embracing change, thinking, innovation. Continue learning to be steadfast.
  Today's morning meeting is about change and learning. After the website has been updated, several plates have been adjusted and data uploads have been changed. One of our colleagues explained to us that other colleagues followed the study, and each of them shared their own opinions and looked for the best solution. Although some of the new plate does not adapt, but we are still active to face, improve efficiency!