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The manufacturing process of the mold is very complicated!

  • Author:liuweiqiong
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  • Release on:2017-07-20
Mold manufacturing according to structural features, is divided into flat blanking die and cavity mold (best price mold maker china) with space. The blanking die is precisely matched with the size of the die and some even gapless fit. Other forging dies, such as cold extrusion die, die casting mould, powder metallurgy mould, plastic mould and rubber mould, all belong to cavity mold, and are used to form solid workpiece. 

The cavity mold (aluminum die casting mold ) has dimension requirements in 3 directions of long, width and height. The shape of the cavity mold is complex and difficult to manufacture. Mold production is usually a single piece, small batch production, manufacturing requirements strict and accurate, and more sophisticated machining equipment and measuring devices.

The flat blanking die can be initially formed by electrical discharge machining, and then further improved by shape grinding and coordinate grinding. The shape grinding can be made by an optical projection curve grinder or a surface grinder with a reduction grinding mechanism and a grinding wheel mechanism, or a special shape grinding tool can be used for grinding on a precision surface grinder.( aluminum die casting mold Manufacturer china

The coordinate grinding machine can be used for the precise positioning of the die to ensure the precise hole diameter and hole spacing. Computer numerical control (CNC) continuous track coordinate grinding machines can also be used to grind any punch or die with curvilinear shapes. Multi hole profiling milling machine, EDM and ecm. The machining quality of the cavity can be improved by the combination of profile milling and numerical control and the increase of three direction translating head device in edm. The increase of production efficiency can be achieved by adding gas electrolysis in ecm.