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Low pressure casting

  • Author:June
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-12-27

Low pressure casting

Low pressure casting: refers to the method of filling the mold with liquid metal under lower pressure (0.02~0.06MPa) and crystallizing under pressure to form castings.
Technical features:

1. The pressure and speed during pouring can be adjusted, so it can be applied to various casting molds (such as metal molds, sand molds, etc.), casting various alloys and castings of various sizes;
2. Bottom injection type filling is adopted, and the filling of molten metal is stable and there is no splash phenomenon, which can avoid the entrapment of gas and the erosion of the wall and core, which improves the qualification rate of castings;
3. The casting crystallizes under pressure, the structure of the casting is dense, the outline is clear, the surface is smooth, and the mechanical properties are high, which is particularly advantageous for the casting of large and thin-walled parts;
4. The feeder riser is omitted, and the metal utilization rate is increased to 90-98%;
5. Low labor intensity, good working conditions, simple equipment, easy to realize mechanization and automation.

Application: Mainly traditional products (cylinder head, wheel hub, cylinder frame, etc.).