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What is automatic die casting equipment

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-12-29

Automatic die-casting equipment, characterized in that it includes a melting furnace, a die-casting machine, an automatic pick-up machine, an automatic material removal handle, a material handle slope slide and an automatic lifting platform, wherein the die-casting machine includes a die-casting motorized plate for installing a die-casting movable mold , Die-casting machine fixed plate, ejection mechanism and automatic sprayer used to install die-casting fixed mold;
The automatic pick-up machine is set beside the die-casting machine, and is used to pick up and transport the die-casting molded workpiece to the automatic material removal handle machine; the automatic material removal handle machine includes movable tooling, a punch and a movable A chuck, which is used to hold the material handle remaining after punching the workpiece and transport the material handle to the material handle ramp slide;
A conveyor belt is provided under the automatic material removing handle for receiving the workpiece that has been punched away from the material handle;

And the automatic lifting platform can be operatively moved between a raised position and a lowered position, wherein the lowered position is located at the lower end of the material handle ramp slide, and the raised position is located at the opening of the furnace.

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