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How to improve the visibility of your brand

  • Author:Henry
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  • Release on:2018-09-19
Improve the visibility of SMEs and shape the brand "Three Steps"

Branding is a systematic long-term project. Brand awareness, reputation and loyalty are the core content of brand building. Large enterprises can rely on strong financial and material resources to carry out branding through hype, advertising bombing, large-scale public welfare and sponsorship. By stimulating and attracting consumers' buying impulses by establishing brand advantages; and as a developing SME needs branding, how to brand? Many SMEs still have many contradictions and doubts on this issue. On the one hand, because the brand awareness is not high, it is the main reason for poor sales. Enterprises also want to brand; on the other hand, SMEs have limited funds and strength. Worried that if you voted for an advertisement, the company would be in a dilemma. The purpose of brand building is to achieve better sales and achieve business goals. It is not shaped to shape. In fact, for enterprises, the process of marketing and sales is itself a process of brand building, but many small and medium-sized enterprises lack effective. Cognition and planning. Based on years of experience in marketing, the author summed up the "three-step" of SME branding, hoping to give small and medium-sized enterprises a little inspiration:    
   The first step: terminal - expressive
   1. Maintain good product brand terminal visibility, and enable consumers to see their brands at different terminal sales points.
2, people in suits and suits make people look comfortable at first sight, unkempt will make people feel resentful, different grooming will give others a different impression.
   3. The quality and image of the terminal promotion personnel is part of the consumer's perception of the brand image. The promotion personnel themselves represent the image of the company. Good manners and behaviors are more likely to win consumers' goodwill towards the brand.
    Step 2: Advertising - Lifting Power
    The terminal was laid out and the display was standardized. At this time, it was time for the brand to "sell" (advertising). Advertising can further enhance the brand's popularity and reputation, but advertising is also the most sinful thing for SMEs. SMEs also know the importance of advertising in today's market, but the funds are limited, and there are big companies that are "selling money" to TV stations. "What about the power? There are thousands of roads to the other side, and there are thousands of advertising media that consumers are in contact with. SMEs do not need to "consider" to consider big media such as TV commercials. There are also many low-cost and effective publicity media. For example, terminal POP advertising, online advertising, bus body advertising, banner advertising, wall advertising, dealer door advertising, direct mail advertising, newspaper listing advertising, SMS advertising, etc., even on the side of TV advertising, in Some local TV media publish program corner advertisements and mobile subtitles advertisements. These low-cost advertising media, as long as they are integrated and used, will exert the power of "bombs". Whether it is selling product sales advertising or brand image advertising can enhance product brand awareness, the specific advertising strategy should be based on the company's current situation, competition and consumer demand dynamics.
    The third step: PR - Affinity
    The image cognition that the brand leaves to consumers is more from the actions of the company. For the brand of small and medium-sized enterprises, after having a certain brand awareness, it is necessary to consider how to improve the reputation and loyalty of the brand. It is necessary to further increase the consumer's goodwill and cognition of the brand. Public relations activities can better enhance the affinity of the brand and win the favor and respect of consumers. To do good things (public relations), we must be good at grasping opportunities, and we must learn to build momentum (hype). The key is to attract the attention of the public. Commonly used public relations methods include sponsorship, participation in public welfare activities, etc. Discover the public shutdown, make full use of the hot news in the local market and the events of public concern, add points to your own brand, and let your brand be deeply embedded in the consumer's consumption consciousness.
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