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The difference between CNC hand processing and 3D printing hand board

  • Author:Henry
  • Source:Www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2018-09-18
   Enterprises need to use the hand in the process of developing products, mainly to verify the size, structure and appearance of the product is reasonable; in the hand industry, cnc processing and 3D printing are a kind of hand processing, between the two There is a certain difference, here is a simple explanation for everyone:

1, the difference of working principle: 3D printing belongs to additive processing, slowly stacked by laser forming, cnc processing belongs to the reduction processing, a complete material, through the cnc processing to remove the excess part of the material, get The prototype of the product.

2, the difference in materials: cnc processing is relatively extensive in material processing, 3D printing is now more mature several processing materials are photosensitive resin, ABS and so on.

3, the difference of processing technology: 3D printing can process a variety of complex curved surfaces and shaped structures, one-shot molding, without considering any fixture design, cnc processing is difficult to process complex hand panels, and even can not be processed, complex hand plates need more Secondary processing, and the need to disassemble programming, the workload is relatively large.

4, the difference in price: small and more complicated hand board to choose 3D printing is more cost-effective, large-scale product structure is relatively simple, it is recommended to use cnc processing.
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