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Focus on 3D printing enterprises

  • Author:ZHOU YUAN
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-28
On the big stage of 3D printing industry, 3D systems, STRATASYS, makerbot and formlabs are undoubtedly enterprises under the focus of light. These enterprises occupy a large part in the market more or less. 3DS and STRATASYS have always been the focus on the screen. After HP announced its official entry into the field of 3D printing, the two companies have been moving constantly, either releasing new devices or releasing new software.

The acquisitions and mergers of 3DS and STRATASYS are also ongoing this year, and even people in the industry once thought that they were engaged in a merger competition. Especially at the European model exhibition, the two companies launched various high-precision and sharp 3D printing equipment, which once caused a sensation in the industry. As for makerbot and formlabs, two self-made enterprises, they have attracted a lot of attention. Makerbot is a desktop level 3D printer manufacturer, and formlabs is also the most potential 3D printer manufacturer. At present, there are SLA 3D printing devices such as Form1 and Form1+