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Campus Academic Science Festival

  • Author:Xutiange
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-28
In the summer of May, the "He Cup" science and technology exhibition of the 6th campus academic science and technology Festival series activities sponsored by the school Youth League committee and undertaken by the school student Science and Technology Association opened grandly in front of the teaching building C of Shenyang University of Technology on the morning of 27th. This science and technology exhibition adhering to the theme of "promote the spirit of innovation, weave science and technology dream" to popularize scientific knowledge, enhance the ability of science and technology innovation of college students.

New and unique scientific and technological exhibits are displayed on the stand outside the teaching building, giving students a feast for their eyes. Booth you can see in the middle of the baffle barrier can still see the opposite person's "perspective wall"; After wearing oblique prism everything gives you the feeling is oblique oblique "oblique prism roll ball"; There is also "Dad's Nose", which shows the combined effect of flat mirror reflection, perspective mirror transmission and reflected light. Facing each other, two people put together a new self through the combination of glass and mirror, or transform or fit, so as to find someone similar to themselves. A series of exhibits attracted many students to stop and study in front of the booth with great interest.

During the exhibition, in front of each booth, there were professional student interpreters to explain to everyone. After the patient and careful explanation, students came forward to try to operate it by themselves, and asked the interpreters the principle of this from time to time, showing great interest in the exhibits. After visiting the exhibits one by one, the curiosity of the students was greatly satisfied.

Throughout the whole science and technology exhibition, the booth visitors have been an endless stream of students. It can be seen that science and technology exhibition is an effective way to popularize scientific knowledge, which can enable students to exert their ability to use their hands and brains, stimulate students' strong enthusiasm for science and technology, and activate the atmosphere of the campus academic science and technology festival.