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Corporate debt

  • Author:Du Zihui
  • Source:Www. xy-global .com
  • Release on:2021-11-22
The total profit is a symmetry of "total losses". The company's final financial achievements achieved by the production operations during a certain period of time. One of the pure income of corporate pure income. The total profit of industrial enterprises is mainly composed of two parts from sales profit and open income payments (out-of-business expenditure against profit). If you pay a resource tax, the resource tax you should pay is also one of the components of the total profit (withdrawal profit). The total profit should be distributed between the state and the enterprise according to the regulations. Most of them pay for countries, small part of the country, and form a variety of special funds in the form of paying income tax, regulatory duty or payment profit. The total profit of industrial enterprises is based on the "profit" account. Sales profit and business income, credit this account, pay resource tax and business expenditure, debit the account. The "Profit" account is greater than the difference in the amount of the borrowing, which is the total profit. The second-level account of the "Profit" account can be set according to "Product Sales Profit", "Other Sales Profits", "Outsourcing Income", "Operation Expenditure" and "Resource Tax".