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Features of CNC machining aluminum alloy

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-11-23

1.  Aluminum alloy has low hardness. Compared with other metal materials, aluminum alloy has lower hardness and good cutting performance, but due to its low melting point and high ductility, it is prone to fusion on the finished surface or tool, and is prone to burrs, etc.  Not enough.  Of course, heat-treated or die-cast aluminum alloys also have higher hardness.  Generally, the HRC hardness of aluminum plates is generally below HRC40 degrees.  Therefore, in the case of processing aluminum alloy, the load of the tool is small.  In addition, aluminum alloy has excellent thermal conductivity, so the cutting temperature of aluminum alloy milling is low, and the milling speed can be increased.

2.  Aluminum alloy has low plasticity Aluminum alloy has low plasticity and low melting point.  When CNC machining aluminum alloy, the joint edge problem is very deep, the chip removal performance is poor, and the surface roughness is also high.  In fact, CNC machining of aluminum alloy is mainly due to the poor effect of knife and roughness.  If the two problems of the fixed blade and the quality of the machined surface are solved, the problem of aluminum alloy machining can be solved.

3.  The tool is easy to wear Because of the use of inappropriate tool materials, in the case of machining aluminum alloys, tool wear is often accelerated due to problems such as bar blades and chip discharge.  If a tool with a negative rake angle edge shape is used, welding is likely to occur on the cutting edge.  While increasing the processing difficulty, it will also cause problems such as poor surface roughness and poor machining accuracy due to built-up edge.  Therefore, you should choose a tool that can minimize the cutting temperature, have good rake surface roughness, and can smoothly discharge chips.  Tools with sharp positive cutting edges and sufficient chip evacuation space are most suitable.

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