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Code for safe operation of aluminium die casting machine

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-07-15

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Safety Operating Rules for Aluminum Die Casting Machine:

1. Before starting the motor, first place the pressure relief valve handle in the pressure relief position, and then release the pressure relief valve handle after the motor runs normally; 

2, before injection, the model must be heated to the specified temperature, and then can be pressed into the metal solution; 

3. Protective baffle should be used at the contact place of mold parting surface and sprue, and the operator must wear protective glasses.  Operators must not stand opposite the parting surface contact.  In case of metal liquid splashing; 

4. Do not bring items with open flame near the tank.  When the temperature of the oil tank exceeds the specified operating temperature of the equipment, water cooling shall be applied. 

5. When removing the casting and pouring riser from the die casting mold, tools should be used.  After the casting is removed, the metal residues adhering to the mold and the vent hole should be removed in time.

6. When the work is finished, stop the oil pump and close all valves.  If the furnace is used for metal liquid insulation, the power should be turned off and the ventilation equipment on the furnace should be stopped.