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Sharing of financial products

  • Author:kerry
  • Release on:2021-07-16

On July 14th, colleagues from Industrial Bank came to our company to give a lecture on how to allocate personal assets, and recommended the financial products of Industrial Bank to everyone. 

Four examples are given: intelligent and kind people, people over 40 years old, people with free wealth, and people who pursue something other than money.

Asset allocation has different meanings at different levels. From the perspective of scope, it can be divided into global asset allocation, stock and bond asset allocation and industry-style asset allocation.  In terms of time span and style, it can be divided into strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation and mixed asset allocation.  From the characteristics of asset managers and the nature of investors,  It can be divided into buy-and-hold Strategy, constant-mix Strategy and portfolio-insurance Strategy  Tactical Asset Allocation Strategy (Tactical Asset Allocation Strategy).

Buy and hold strategies 
Buy-and-hold strategy refers to the construction of a certain portfolio after determining the appropriate proportion of asset allocation, and maintaining the portfolio without changing the status of asset allocation during the appropriate holding period, such as 3-5 years.  A buy-and-hold strategy is a passive long-term rebalancing strategy for investors who have a long-term planning level and are satisfied with their strategic asset allocation. 
The buy-and-hold strategy works when capital market conditions and investors' preferences change little, or when the costs of changing the asset allocation status outweigh the benefits.