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Die forging process Introduction

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-08-21
Die forging process Introduction die forging process is done on a machine in a dedicated die forging process. The basic process is: first low-speed or high-speed liquid metal casting filling into the cavity of the mold, the mold has a cavity surface activity, which along with a pressurized cooling liquid metal forging process, which eliminates the rough Shrinkage pine defects, but also to achieve the internal organization of the blank forging state of broken grains. Rough mechanical properties significantly improved.

In addition, the process produced a rough outer surface finish to achieve 7 (Ra1.6), such as cold extrusion process or machined out of the surface, have a metallic luster. So, we will die forging process called "extreme forming process" than "no cutting, less margin forming process" goes a step further. Another advantage of die forging process is characterized, in addition to the production of traditional casting material, it can be deformed alloy, forging alloys to produce a structure is very complex parts.

These alloy grades include: super-hard aluminum hard aluminum, wrought aluminum alloys, such as LY11, LY12,6061,6063, lyc, ld, etc.). Tensile strength of these materials, high-nearly double than normal cast alloy, the aluminum car wheels, trailers and other want to use higher strength impact resistant material manufactured parts, have a more positive meaning.

I. Introduction pressure die-casting abbreviation casting, a molten alloy was poured into a pressure chamber filled with high-speed steel mold cavity, and the formation of liquid alloy castings under pressure solidification method. Die-casting method different from the other main feature is the high-pressure and high-speed. ① molten metal under pressure to fill the cavity and solidification at a higher pressure, a common pressure 15-100MPa.

② liquid metal filling the cavity at a high speed, typically 10-50 m / s, and some may also be more than 80 m / sec (introduced through the inner cavity of the gate line speed - ingate speed), and therefore the molten metal filling a very short time, you can fill the cavity approximately 0.01-0.2 seconds (subject to different sizes of castings) inside. Die casting machine, die-casting alloy die-casting molds are the three factors of production, it is indispensable. The so-called die-casting process is these three elements to be organically integrated use, and enable a stable rhythm and efficiently produce the appearance, the inherent good quality, size, pattern or agreement in line with the requirements of qualified casting, even quality castings.