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DaPingZhang forest part

  • Author:Jack Zou
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-05-02
Domestic ailian southeastern forest park is located in dongguan city, with a total area of 26.7 square kilometers, forest coverage rate reached more than 96%. Geographical coordinates for longitude 113 ° 59 '7' - 114 ° 1 '11 ", 20 ° 45' 44 "- north latitude 22 ° 49 'between 25". Garden of ringed mountains and high hills, like a natural barrier, the main peak elevation of 348.3 meters, so named "big ailian". Has now completed two entrances square covers an area of 125000 square meters, 40 kilometers road is 27.8 km and mountaineering walkways.

Park is divided into mountain forest bath area and recreational area, plant landscape area, leisure agriculture, forest ecological conservation area, water area and administrative service area seven functional areas. Five major scenic spots are respectively characteristic kuanyinshan, secondary forest, green top domestic ailian shanzhu diameter fitness walkways, leigong mountain climbing on foot, and the world's biggest mission hills golf club in which five courses. Park in a beautiful ecological environment, valleys, streams of many, plant species diversity, has more than 100 years old Louvre mangrove and other ancient, highlighting mountain ancient quiet.

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