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3D printer technology principle

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2015-03-27
3D printer technology principle

3D printers , also known as 3D printer is an accumulation of manufacturing technology , i.e. a rapid prototyping machine technology , it is a digital model as a base, using a special wax material , powdered metal or plastic materials can be bonded , by printing a layer of adhesive material to make three-dimensional objects. 3D printer
is used at this stage of manufacture . Step by step approach to construct the technology to print the object .
3D printer principle is to put raw data and 3D printer , the machine will follow the procedures of the product made ??out of layers.

In the form of thin layers stacked 3D printers have varied. The biggest difference with the traditional printer
3D printer is that it uses the " ink" is real raw material , in the form of a thin layer of the stack has a wide variety of media types that can be used to print a diverse variety of plastic from the metal, ceramic and rubber substances . Some printers can combine different media , so print out a hard object while the other end of the

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