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3D printer Development Chronology

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  • Release on:2015-03-27
3D printer Development Chronology

3D Printing idea originated in the late 19th century, the United States , and in the 1980s to develop and promote. 3D printing is one of the latest high " dimension " embodied technological fusion model, the Chinese school and enterprise networking alliance to call it " the last century, the idea of ??the last century 's technology , this century 's market ."

Before the 1980s , the number of three-dimensional printers rarely , mostly concentrated in the " Frankenstein"
and electronic products in the hands of enthusiasts. Mainly used to print things jewelry , toys, tools , kitchen supplies like image. Even print out a car expert auto parts, and then go on the market to buy custom parts based
on real plastic model . In 1979 , US scientists RF Housholder get similar " rapid prototyping " technology patents, but has not been commercialized.

By the late 1980s , US scientists have invented a three-dimensional effect can print out the printer , and its success has been the market , 3D printing technology mature and widely used. Ordinary printer can print some
reports , such as flat sheet materials. The printer of this latest invention, which not only makes the cost of lower -dimensional objects , and inspire people's imagination. Future applications will be more extensive 3D printer.

In 1995 , MIT coined the term " three-dimensional printing " , then graduates Jim Bredt and Tim Anderson modified inkjet printer solution to squeeze into the powder bed bound solvent solution , rather than ink squeeze pressure on the paper program . Since 2003 gradually expanded 3D printer sales , prices began to fall.

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