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Iconic salads

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  • Release on:2015-03-19
US: Waldorf Salad
This classic salad is simplicity at its best. Peel two raw apples and cut them into small pieces taking care to remove any seeds from the bowl. Chop some celery, add a few walnuts and mix everything with the apples. Dress the salad with mayonnaise and a dash of lemon juice and you’re done.Grapes can be added for extra flavor and in restaurants the salad is often served on a bed of lettuce.

UK: Ploughman’s Salad
This salad combines chunks of cheese, fresh green leaves, pickled vegetables, bread and chutney. It is derived from the Ploughman’s Lunch, an old-fashioned pub meal that was nominated as a cultural icon of Britain and is traditionally accompanied by a glass of beer.

Italy: Caprese Salad
This traditional Italian salad consists of tomatoes, sliced mozzarella cheese and basil leaves, drizzled with olive oil. Though the salad is delightfully easy to make, it requires the best ingredients. The tomatoes, for instance, must be ripe and juicy.

Greece: Horiatiki Salata
A typical Greek Salad consists mainly of quartered tomatoes, thick slices of cucumber and sliced red onions. Sometimes green peppers and olives are added, but it should never include lettuce. Feta cheese is either diced and mixed in with the salad, or placed on top as a whole piece. In the latter case, Greeks break the Feta into chunks with a fork and mix it in with the rest of the salad at the table.

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