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Foxconn Cooperate With Alibaba

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-03-10
Alibaba announced the establishment of 10 billion yuan of venture capital funds in Taiwan , March 3 , Ma Taiwan and Taiwan young people to talk about, talk about dreams and entrepreneurship ; Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou behind the scene , the audience listened to the whole speech ; Ma there are a lot of cooperation with Hon Hai said the project will be announced ; Gou also said that Japan's Softbank by Hon Hai OEM Pepper robot will not only in the Japanese market , but also the future through the Alibaba platform to sell to the world .

Hon Hai this cooperation with Alibaba seems to bring a ray of hope for the development of robot traditional manufacturing industries . According to the global robot industry experts , China Luo Baihui first integrated marketing analysis , the presence of domestic robots, intelligent manufacturing equipment, a huge gap in supply and demand , the market potential is huge , how marketing changes , share " a share from foreign counterparts " placed in front of a robot manufacturer must answer .

With the rise of the popularity of micro-channel mobile terminals , such as social media , traditional life and began to converge geek , so e-commerce began to enter the era of universal coverage , which gives the robot creates online marketing opportunities. On the one hand is the expansion of electronic business platform through brand awareness , so that each group can quickly retrieve relevant information , on the other hand is a lot of new business owners prefer to use the micro-channel , can affect their cognitive , and ultimately discover new consumers .

Long before the Hon Hai cooperation with Alibaba , Shunde robot manufacturers benefit Schindler had proposed plans to enter the field of electronic commerce . Schindler , chairman Huojin Tian Lee said, let robots " Internet " will allow more people in need easy access to information . In fact , this effect has gradually displayed. Through the media , initially had a Turkish company to come to discuss cooperation.
In addition , deputy director of the National Robotics Engineering Center , Kui Qu Road, Shenyang New Song Robot AG president is another view of the road for the electricity supplier robotics industry.

Qu Road Kui suggestion is that the introduction of electric provider model. He said that electricity providers talk technology, and make great efforts to the enterprise , with the latest business model to arm themselves , the global integration of personnel, the introduction of international capital , developed in China 's large market , coupled with its own research and development of technologies, products quickly seize the market, thus making the industry to do business first , large-scale enterprises in accordance with the integration of various elements of the market rather than have it all to do after his own business , which is China's biggest problem , it should be "R & D + commercial" for .

Qu Road Kui said , entirely on their own core technology is likely to lose a significant opportunity for industrial development of robotics , "technology we have to do , but the key is to work on the business development. China 's electricity business in a few years time to go global the forefront of technology research if electricity providers every day , they will not develop to the present height . "

Global robotics industry experts , China Integrated Marketing Luo Baihui that the first person , whether it is by means of the narrow sense of the electricity supplier to expand marketing channels or reference electricity supplier model in a broad sense , the robot as a great potential of the industry , should dare to try this moment one of the most dynamic development model . In the background of the industrial age 4.0 , the integration of various resources , to achieve the innovation chain , industrial chain and financial chain collaborative development. Millet and success Tesla electric car electricity supplier operations are combined success stories.