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Love for the rope, strung beads urban civilization

  • Author:Dragon
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  • Release on:2015-03-12
Conservation civilization , establish a new wind is a symbol of urban progress. In the name of love , praise for civilized behavior enthusiastically points , reflecting the civilized consciousness of a city. Recently, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily and Shenzhen News Net jointly organized "love civilization - point like Shenzhen Ten civilized behavior " release, "Love charity ", " love reading ," " love innovation ," " Love inclusive " ...... Shenzhen How can four consecutive "National Civilized city" ? Benevolence is evident.
Modern cities need to build a modern urban consciousness. What modern urban consciousness ? It is a people-oriented, in favor of the concept of public relations , involving rituals , ethics, the environment and other aspects. In this modern city of Shenzhen, public space , the degree of civilization of the public directly illuminates the level of modernization of the city. Ten civilized behavior through Shenzhen , Shenzhen, what we see is people love to donate blood, love charity , love U station and sincere dedication and selfless love , to see the rule of law is the rule of love Shenzhen , Shenzhen people love to see Procedure love modern environmental citizenship,See Procedure Shenzhen love , love the modern environmental citizenship, see Shenzhen people love innovation , hard work, love , love reading, love the inclusive spirit of the city . Translucent beads dolphin civilization , connected with love , bright beads strung urban civilization , shining city civilization elegant gloss , conserve the city 's development and progress of the inexhaustible power.
Ten civilized behavior Shenzhen Shenzhen Ten Ideas "life version of" socialist core values ​​is to implement fine drop , drop a small concrete action. Concepts of everyone's life in the nurture and lead the community. Ten Ideas to lead the human spirit in Shenzhen , Shenzhen is the civilized behavior and ten people under the concept of infiltration , in everyday life reflects conscious behavior . Conversely , if you do not practice the concept to be consolidated , it may become virtual dogma volley dance . Can the concept of leading the trend , there were many people who depend on practice .Ten of civilized behavior , in real life people from Shenzhen , Shenzhen people found between gestures , for civilized behavior " point like " broad participation of the whole society , and Shenzhen to become conscious people advocating compliance with the Code of Conduct , which is a Shenzhen and improve the practice of urban civilization wonderful heights .
Because I love Shenzhen , so praise civilization , this is the spirit of sympathy and cultural identity . People from different places in Shenzhen , Shenzhen, we need work together to create civilization . Like a time point for civilization, forwarding and comments, not only to consolidate and strengthen the awareness of human civilization in Shenzhen , leaving the public gain a part of Shenzhen people proud. More than 100 million hits , is the witness of influence, is the consensus of the cohesion of urban civilization . Total defend civilization , civilization altogether praise , will let people share Shenzhen civilization .
Chan is the best spot to practice . Urban civilization and then upgrade , not "you need to do ," the repetition of preaching , but " we are doing so ," the body conscious . I start from civilization reflected in the behavior of each miniature , the city will be filling our civilization endless supply of power .