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Powder Metallurgy Process

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-12-05
Powder metallurgy process is the basic process : 1. Preparation of raw material powder . Existing milling methods can be roughly divided into two categories : mechanical and physical chemistry . The mechanical method can be divided into : mechanical grinding and atomization ; physicochemical method is divided into : galvanic corrosion , reduction , of the legitimate reduction - of legal , vapor deposition , liquid-phase deposition method and electrolysis. Which is the most widely used is the reduction, atomization , and electrolysis.
2. the powder is formed into a desired shape briquettes . The purpose of forming a certain shape and size to obtain green compacts , and it has a certain density and strength . Molding and compression molding method is basically divided into non-pressure molding. Compression molding, compression molding is the most widely used.
3. the sintered compacts . Sintering is a key step in the powder metallurgy process . After forming the green compacts obtained by sintering so that the desired final mechanical properties. Sintering is divided into units based sintered and sintered diverse . For cell lines and multi- line solid-phase sintering , sintering temperature lower than the melting point of metals and alloys used ; for multi- line liquid-phase sintering , sintering temperature is generally lower than the melting point of melt composition which is difficult, but higher than the eutectic composition melting point. In addition to ordinary sintering , there are bulk sintering , melting leaching, hot pressing and other special sintering process.
4. the subsequent processing of the product . After sintering process , according to different product requirements , take a variety of ways . Such as finishing , immersion oil , machining , heat treatment and plating. In addition , in recent years a number of new processes such as rolling, forging material also used in processing powder metallurgy sintered to obtain better results.