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Lost wax casting process

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2014-11-29
Lost wax casting process

一,Mold making products
Mold is generally used aluminum mold using steel but also inconvenient to use , according to the factory to get the engineering part of the blueprint of the corresponding mold design drawings , design gate. Then aluminum CNC machine tools through a series of processing, manufacture of molds。

二, Note wax
Mold can be a good wax injection after the operation. Note wax operating temperature should pay attention to the wax , plastic mold clamping pressure and other factors.

Making wax wax is generally used blue wax model , its melting temperature is about 60 ℃, wax injection temperature is about 65 ℃. There are other colors paraffin , slightly different properties . Wax temperature and injection pressure is determined by wax injection machine . Wax injection machine category usually have two kinds of pressure and vacuum . These two principles Note wax wax injection machine similar, is the use of pressure molten wax injection molded plastic . The
difference is that the vacuum -type wax injection machine can be the first plastic model vacuum in the plastic injection molding wax ; and pressure -type wax injection machine can only directly to the plastic mold injection wax . So usually operate in a vacuum -type wax injection machine is relatively easy to grasp, and pressure -type wax injection machine you will need to have some experience.

三. Finishing wax
In general , after removing the wax mold wax injection will be more or less there are some problems , flying edge, multiple edges , broken jaw , visible blisters, in part or whole structural deformation , the hole barrier, flower head lines are not clear flower heads take sides and so on. For flash, multiple edges , flower head is not clear, take the side of the flower head with a scalpel blade and other defects can repair the light ; for blisters, broken claws can be carried out with welding
Wax welding ; unreasonable holes with solder pin can penetrate ; for wax deformation modulus can be corrected in hot water in the 40 ~ 50 ℃。

四 . Welding tree group
After finishing wax , wax trees need to conduct further operations。 Wax tree is to make a good wax in a certain order , along with welding wax welded circumferential direction successively
layered on a wax stick , so finally get a tree shaped like a tree wax tree , then wax tree irrigation gypsum and other processes. Wax tree basic requirement is that the wax mold to be orderly, the key is not contact between the wax model , both to maintain a certain gap , but as much as possible will be able to weld wax wax tree, that is, a trees wax tree to try to "grow" the largest number of wax , has to meet the needs of mass production。