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Lost wax casting

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2014-11-29
Lost wax casting

Lost wax casting method is one of glass forming process , the main process is to heat the glass to a high temperature so that it has fluidity , flows into the preformed shell mold forming . Because mold removal wax shell is prepared by heating , so called lost wax casting.

Because glass containing lead oxide ( commonly known as artificial crystal ) has a diamond-like high refractive index and high fluidity at high temperatures , therefore , casting artificial crystal glass often used as a material . In the current Chinese market , generally above lost wax casting of lead crystal glass products called glass . Using the lost wax casting method can produce complex shapes exquisite handicrafts .

Lost wax casting method from ancient lost wax casting process is the casting process evolved. Dating back more than 5,000 years ago in the late Neolithic period , China's ancient craftsmen in bronze is widely used in the manufacture of a lost wax casting process. At that time artisans according to plasticity and thermal characteristics of volatile beeswax , first carved into the desired shape beeswax wax , and then wrapped in wax clay outside and set aside a small hole , dry roasting , make
wax vaporization of volatile while clay has become the ceramic shell , housing wall leaving a wax mold of the die.

In this case then the molten metal is injected into the housing along the hole , after cooling to break the casing , i.e., to obtain the desired metal strand . The basic principles of modern lost wax casting technique no different, just more sophisticated . This is mainly reflected in the wax type bits precise requirements more stringent. Wax mold of modern technology not only get direct carving wax , but also through the metal stamper ( version ) of the compression molded silicone die , and then get back from silicone wax wax injection die . Casting material is no longer clay , plaster casting substituting . Such products are much finer than the ancient casting.

Dewaxing casting process flow is : mold design - mold - wax injection ( mold ) - finishing wax ( wax welding ) - wax tree ( - weighing ) - Production shell mold - Shell baking mold - casting - vibration shell - sand processing.