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metal powder process

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  • Release on:2014-11-24
Powder metallurgy is the preparation of metal powder or metal powder ( or a mixture of metal powder and nonmetal powder ) as a raw material , after molding and sintering , preparation of metal materials, composite Materials and various types of industrial technology products。Currently , powder metallurgy technology has been widely used in transportation, machinery, electronics , aerospace , weapons , biotechnology, new energy Information and nuclear industry and other fields , has become one of the new material science branch of the most dynamic . Powder metallurgy technology has significant energy saving, saving material , performance, refined products。Good stability and high series of advantages , is very suitable for mass production . Further , the conventional casting methods and material machining method and complexity can not be prepared in Section
zero。Technology manufacturing powder metallurgy parts are also available , so much emphasis on the industrial sector。die cast promotions buy die cast modelsdie cast army

Powder metallurgy products industry broadly covers the stone tools, carbide , magnetic materials and powder metallurgy products. Powder metallurgy products industry refers only to a narrow powder metallurgy products Including powder metallurgy parts ( accounting for the vast majority ) , oil bearings and metal injection molding products. Industry delimitation used in this report for the narrow range

Powder metallurgy having unique chemical composition and mechanical , physical properties , and these
properties are used conventional casting method can not be obtained . Using powder metallurgy technology can be
prepared directly.A porous , semi- dense or fully dense material and products, such as oil bearings , gears ,
cams, guide rods , knives , etc., is a small non- cutting process .

(一)Powder metallurgy technology can minimize the segregation of alloying elements , eliminating coarse ,
uneven casting organization . In the preparation of high-performance rare earth permanent magnet materials,
rare earth hydrogen storage.
Materials, rare earth luminescent materials, rare earth catalyst , high-temperature superconducting materials,
new metal materials ( such as Al-Li alloys , heat- Al alloys, super alloys , corrosion resistant stainless
steel powder , powder.
At the end of high-speed steel , high-temperature structural materials intermetallic compounds , etc.) have an
important role.

(二)Can be prepared amorphous , microcrystalline , quasicrystals , nanocrystalline and supersaturated solid
solution and a series of high-performance non-equilibrium materials, these materials have excellent electrical
, magnetic, optical.And mechanical properties

(三)You can easily achieve a variety of types of complex , give full play to the characteristics of each
component material is a low-cost production of high performance metal matrix composites and ceramic work.Art

(四)Ordinary melting method can produce materials and products can not be produced with special structure and
properties , such as the new porous biomaterials, porous separation materials, high-performance structural.
Ceramic abrasive and functional ceramic materials.

(五)You can achieve near- net shape forming and automated mass production , which can effectively reduce the
production of resources and energy consumption.

(六)You can take advantage of the ore , tailings , steel sludge, steel mill scale , recycling scrap metal as
raw material , is an effective new technologies and utilization of renewable materials .
The most common machining tools, Hardware Tools , is a lot of powder metallurgy technology manufacturing