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trend of die cast aluminium

  • Author:Jay
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  • Release on:2014-11-24
Pressure CastingTechnology and many other features, it has shown to improve the accuracy of the level of non-ferrous alloy castings, production efficiency, surface quality and other aspects of a huge advantage. With the development of automobiles, motorcycles and other industries, as well as to improve the casting quality, save energy, reduce pollution, to achieve the design requirements, the scope of application of non-ferrous alloy die casting, especially light alloys (aluminum and magnesium alloy) Die Castings rapid expansion. Data show that: the industrialized countries with aluminum and magnesium alloy castings instead of steel castings are becoming an important trend. Currently automotive die casting process has become one of the most widely used aluminum forming processes, accounting for 49% in a variety of automotive molding method. Since the 1990s, non-ferrous metal die-casting industry in China has made a stunning development, has become a new industry. Total of non-ferrous metal die-casting company is now around 3000, casting production from 1995 to 266 000 t in 2005, rising to 870,000 t, an average annual increase rate of 12.58%, which accounts for all the die-casting aluminum die casting parts production 3 / 4 or more. With the improvement of technology and product development capabilities, the type of aluminum die-casting products and applications is constantly widening, its alloy type, die-casting equipment, casting molds and die casting processes have undergone tremendous changes. Aluminum die-casting since 1914 put into commercial production, along with the development and cold chamber die casting machine of the invention of the automobile industry, which has been the rapid development of the type of alloy. Die-cast aluminum alloy can be classified according to the performance of low intensity (such as China's Y102) and high intensity (such as China's Y112) two kinds. Die-cast aluminum industrial application there are mainly the following series: Al-Si-Cu, Al-Si-Mg, AI-Si-Cu-Mg, Al-Zn and so on.In this trend, the environment, XY -GLOBAL been casting suppliers, as a result of great efforts, laid the service and quality-oriented part of the advanced theory of high quality aluminum window frames.