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The function of powder coated

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2014-11-13
The function of powder coated 

1 , a coating thicker coatings can be obtained , for example, applying a coating of 100 ~ 300μm , with an ordinary solvent-free coatings , the coating is about 4 to 6 times, and then the powder coating can be achieved once the thickness of the . Corrosion-resistant properties of the coating well.

2 , powder coating solvent free, no waste pollution , improve the working
conditions of health .

3, the use of new technology such as electrostatic spraying powder , high efficiency, suitable for automatic assembly line painting ; powder utilization, recyclable

4 , in addition to a thermosetting epoxy , polyester, acrylic , there are a lot of resistance of the thermoplastic resin can be used as powder coatings, such as polyethylene , polypropylene , polystyrene, fluorinated polyether , nylon , polycarbonate and various a fluorine-containing resin.
Powder coating for protection and electrical edge start , along with the development of technology, has been widely used in the automotive industry, electrical insulation , corrosion-resistant chemical pumps, valves , cylinders , pipes, outside steel components, steel furniture , castings , etc. surface

Since the beginning of the sixties experimental study powder coating , and has been applied in production , the development has been the use of widely available.