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Industrial washing machines and their types

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  • Release on:2014-11-14

Industrial washing machines and their types


Posudomechnoe equipment is one of the main places in the restaurant equipment. Clean dishes - is the main indicator of the level and quality of service in a restaurant or cafe.

aluminum box


The main advantages of using a professional dishwashing equipment for catering:


Using the dishwasher, you are doing more work;

quality dishwashing machine in posudomoynoy much higher than washing dishes by hand;

minimizes the costs of water, detergent and rinse aid, as the cleaning process is automatic.


Professional dishwashers for catering are of three types:


Front dishwashers;

Dome dishwashers;high quality aluminum tool box

tunnel dishwashers.

Among the professional and commercial dishwashers, the most in demand and are considered economical and front dome car, since it is such dishwashers have compact and do not cause difficulties in operation.cast aluminum


Industrial dishwasher dome can be completed, depending on the manufacturer, the table for the unloading and loading of dishes, dispenser of detergent and rinse aid. Performance of dishwashers to 1100 plates per hour.