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there are problems

  • Author:Anna
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  • Release on:2014-10-27


Consider a practical situation.


Organization - the general contractor. In the contract with the customer has three stages. Work contracted while in some contracts have a condition on a phased delivery, and some do not. How to maintain accounting and tax records? 


If the contract with the client involves a phased commissioning works, and actually work contracted, the contract must also secure the gradual acceptance of the general contractor works. Otherwise, how can present to the customer acceptance stage, if it is not accepted by the general contractor? 


Nevertheless, in contracting practices are frequent cases

High quality aluminum mold for injection moldingWhen the general contractor forgets to make a point about gradual acceptance of work from subcontractors, despite the fact that he needs to show customer acceptance of each step is actually executed. This situation can be described as problematic in terms of accounting, since there is a gap of economic ties between income and expenditure 

The die is cast automakers.

Source: Shenzhen XY scientific and technical LTD