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Married men's views on women

  • Author:Anna
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-10-24

What should be done so that it took to get married? Excuse me, but you need to leave. The man has one mechanism: if it's already got everything, he is not inclined to make repeated efforts. We are like that. "Do not fix it what is not broke" - this is our motto. I have already washed, I close with this woman, she cares about me, she inspires me - are all part of marriage - why do I still get married?


It's like if a man drove a car, put under the window, left the keys, power of attorney, registration certificate, die cast aluminum,written on it, and say, "This is for you." And he would go to the salon, where there is the same machine, and still bought it for some reason. Why do this? Him that the money has nowhere to go?


In the end, he thinks so: "Instead of taking her as his wife, I will make the best effort to ensure that the care of her in those relationships that we have. Why spend money on a wedding when you can buy new furniture? "

high quality cast aluminum cookware. The car is already there, why go out and buy a new one? 

And do not be surprised, men's psyche is rational. Therefore, women have to "fight off" themselves to the parking lot: "Now I have to buy. It was a test drive. "

Source: XY-Global