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the Introduction of Aluminum Forging

  • Author:Li Xvsi
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2021-10-07
   The application of aluminum  now exist everywhere,using a variety of processing methods.the casting parts are not only delicate,but also have the absolutely reliable quality,precise structure.Aluminium forging is worth popularization of the procession method生活中处处见得到铝锻造影子,它采用各种各样的加工方法,不仅使得产品外观精美,而且其质量更是绝对可靠。铝锻造是值得普及的加工好方法。

   Forging is a kind of metal thermal processing techinology that human beings grasp relatively early,with a history of about 6000 years,China entered the heyday of brozon casting about 1700-1000BC,and craft reach a relatively high level.Forging is the method of casting the liquid metal into the forging cavity suitablevfor the shape of the part and obtaining the part of blank after it is cooled and solidified.


  Most of the materials to be cast are originally solid metals heated to liquid(eg.copper,iron,aluminum,tin,etc...)and the material of the mold can be sand,metal or even ceramic.The methods used may vary according to different requirement.