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Blow molding is one of the important processing methods of thermoplastics

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  • Release on:2017-04-19

  There are several common methods of plastic molding, Now, let's talk about Blow Molding, what is Blow Molding.

    This method of plastic molding starts by melting the liquid plastic from the chamber with the machine then sending the liquefied plastic to some mold for allowing the desired shape. Blow molding specializes on creating the hallow product such as bottles, motorcycle fuel tanks, hoses, bumpers, and some other hollow products. 

    Moreover, a final strategy is seamless. The principle procedure for this technique could be that the air is blown and locked in order that it creates hollow. If the liquefied plastic flows about the mold, the plastic will harden to enable you to create the shape you need. Then, it is possible to pull out the mold by way of a mold cavity.