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All plastic materials used in home appliances are molded by injection molding

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  • Release on:2017-05-13
A summary of Plastic Injection Molding

Were you aware that a really large variety of plastic products is done with a process called injection molding? These things include washers, valves, knobs, pulleys, saws, bottle caps, gears, toys, keyboards,computer monitors, car panels, furniture and many more. Injection molding is surely an economical, efficient way of manufacturing plastic items on a mass scale. The size and style and specifications of each machine varies together with the product to become manufactured.
The loan of inventing this method visits John Wesley Hyatt. He created billiards balls during 1868 by only injecting celluloid in a mold. Subsequently, he made a shot molding machine which includes a plunger. In 1946, an additional inventor, named James Hendry, modified Hyatt's design to fashion an injection molding machine developing a screw.