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  • Author:Baidu
  • Release on:2021-10-20
On October 18, 2021 Zhongshan Xiaolan Hardware Lock Expo opened in Xiaolan Hardware Lock International Procurement Center, for 3 days.

The expo brought together nearly 200 exhibitors, including door lock manufacturing, system integration, chip solutions, cloud platform, apartment hotel operation and other upstream and downstream enterprises and units, to create a "hardware lock industry chain, one-stop, international procurement platform".

The "JINGdong Live Broadcast Special" will be set up on the exhibition site, and the products of all exhibitors will be sold on the JINGdong Live broadcast platform at the same time. By precise market positioning and efficient drainage means, the integration of e-commerce and retail formats will be realized and empowered. During the exhibition will also be held "modern lock industry new e-commerce marketing exchange", "Zhongshan quality door lock to JINGdong", "lock installation after-sales service sharing", "smart lock in douyin's breakthrough road", "Gold 9 silver 10 lock industry overseas supply and demand conference" and other activities.

Xue Zhiguo, mayor of Xiaolan Town, said that Xiaolan hardware locks occupy an important position in the national market and is one of the most important intelligent lock manufacturing integration centers in China. Xiaolan town will build "Xiaolan Hardware Lock Expo" into an annual event of China's intelligent lock industry, relying on the 130th Canton Fair to attract more businesses to pay attention to Xiaolan hardware lock, so that Xiaolan smart manufacturing to the country and the world.

It is understood that xiaolan town five gold form to a lock, lock industry covers household hardware, intelligent security, gas stoves, hinge castor and so on many kinds of metal chain, annual output value over 10 billion yuan, supporting industrial chain companies amounted to more than 5000, lock industry has important status in the national market, has the important influence at home and abroad is five gold lock industry gathering area.