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What are the main performance requirements of plastic mould? (2)

  • Author:liuweiqiong
  • Source:liuweiqiong
  • Release on:2017-09-30
1. mirror polishing processing mold, the cavity surface is smooth, forming surface required polishing into mirror surface, surface roughness is lower than Ra0.4 m, in order to ensure the appearance of plastic pressing parts, and easy to release.

2. dimensional accuracy, mold block block, high processing accuracy, high accuracy, cavity size accuracy is generally 3~5 class. The joint of the cavity shall be closed so as not to melt the material into the gap and cause material leakage.

The 3. pattern light etching performance many plastic products to beautify, add a pattern on the surface, in the leather industry, application of large leather embossed board, the requirements of die steel has good corrosion resistance pattern of light.

Therefore, mould steel should meet the strength, hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties; at the same time also should have good polishing quality, dimensional stability, easy nitriding and small distortion of heat treatment process performance; expansion coefficient of physical properties such as good thermal conductivity and small line. Plastic mold should be based on the specific requirements of parts, choose different quality and price of mold steel.