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Mold task book and assembly drawing

  • Author:liuweiqiong
  • Source:liuweiqiong
  • Release on:2017-08-29
Plastic mold is the plastic processing industry and plastic molding machine matching, giving plastic products to complete configuration and precise size tools. Because of the plastic varieties and processing methods are various, and a simplified structure of plastic molding machine and plastic products. 

The task book for forming plastic parts is usually proposed by the designers of the parts: 

1. after the signing of the formal system drawings, and marked with plastic grades, transparency and so on. 

2. plastic parts specifications or technical requirements. 

3. production output. 

4. samples of plastic parts. 

Usually, the die design task book is made up of the plastic parts and technicians according to the task book of the molding plastic parts. The mould designer designs the mold on the basis of the plastic plastic parts task book and the die design task book.
The assembly drawing shall include the following contents: 

1., mold forming part of the structure 

2. the structure of the pouring system and the exhaust system. 

3. parting surface and die parting. 

4. the shape, structure and position of all connections, positioning and guides. 

5. mark the height of the cavity size (not required, as required) and the overall size of the mold. 

6. auxiliary tools (tools, die removal tools, correction tools, etc.). 

7., in order to complete all parts serial number, and fill out the list. 

8. labeling technical requirements and instructions.