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What is Honing

  • Author:Patrick
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  • Release on:2017-07-28

What is Honing


Honing is a kind of grinding, with honing strip along a certain path in the metal surface friction to achieve the required accuracy. Honing is mainly used to generate specific geometries, can also improve the surface texture.

Honning stone

Honing uses a special tool called honing stone to achieve a high-precision surface. Honing is similar to the grinding wheel, which is made of abrasive grains. Typically, the honing grains are irregularly shaped particles having a diameter of 10 to 50 microns. The smaller the honing grain, the smoother the surface after honing. Any abrasive material can be used as a honing stone, but the most commonly used is corundum, silicon carbide, cubic boron nitride or diamond.


① Honing is an efficient processing method for high precision, high surface quality and high life of the workpiece surface. It can effectively improve the dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and reduce the Ra value, but can not improve the hole and other surface Position accuracy.

② Machinable cast iron, hardened and non-hardened steel and bronze pieces, but not suitable for processing toughness of non-ferrous metal parts. ,

③ Honing is mainly used for hole processing. In the hole honing process, is the original processing hole center to guide. Processing aperture range of φ5 ~ φ500, depth ratio up to 10.

④ Honing is widely used in a large number of mass production in the processing of cylinder bore, cylinder, valve hole and a variety of barrels and so on. Can also be used for single-piece production.

⑤ Coaxial when honing can not be determined.

⑥ Honing and grinding compared to honing has to reduce the manual labor, high productivity, easy to achieve automation and so on.

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