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What is CNC machining

  • Author:Henry
  • Source:www.xy-global.com
  • Release on:2018-09-05
"CNC" is an abbreviation for Computerized Numerical Control in English.

Computer digital control, referred to as Numerical Control (Numerical Control). It is a method of controlling the movement and processing of machine tools using digital information. A machine tool that implements machining control using numerical control technology, or a machine tool equipped with a numerical control system is called a numerical control (NC) machine tool. The numerical control system includes: numerical control device, programmable controller, spindle drive and feed device. The CNC machine tool is a highly integrated product of machine, electricity, liquid, gas and light. To achieve control of the machine tool, geometric information is needed to describe the relative motion between the tool and the workpiece, and process information is used to describe some of the process parameters that must be available for machine tool machining. For example: feed speed, spindle speed, spindle reversal, tool change, coolant switch, etc. The information is processed in a certain format to form a processing file (that is, a CNC machining program normally referred to) stored on an information carrier (such as a magnetic disk, a perforated tape, a magnetic tape, etc.), and then read by a numerical control system on the machine tool (or directly through the numerical control system). Keyboard input, or input by communication), through decoding, so that machine tools and machining parts. Modern CNC machine tools are typical products of mechatronics, is the technical basis of next-generation production technology, computer integrated manufacturing systems, etc. .

The development trend of modern numerical control is high speed, high precision, high reliability, multi-function, composite, intelligent and open structure.
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