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Water transfer

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  • Release on:2017-11-22
Water transferTechnology is the use of water pressure with a color pattern of the transfer paper / plastic film for a polymer hydrolysis of a printing. With the increasing demand for product packaging and decoration, water transfer printing is used more and more widely. The principle of indirect printing and perfect printing effect to solve many of the problems of surface decoration products, mainly for all types of ceramics, glass flower paper, such as the transfer.

There are two types of water transfer technology, one is water transfer technology, the other isWater drape transfer technology. The former completes the transfer of text and pictorial designs, while the latter favors complete transfer of the entire product surface. Cubic Transfer uses an aqueous film that dissolves easily in water to carry images. Due to the excellent tension of the water-coated film, it is easy to wrap around the product surface to form a graphic layer. The surface of the product has a completely different appearance like a painted one. Drape in any shape of the workpiece, the manufacturer to solve the problem of three-dimensional product printing. Surface drape can also be added to the product surface with different lines, such as Dermatogu. Wood grain. Emerald lines and marble pattern, but also avoid the color printing of the general layout often empty. And in the printing process, due to the need to spray a layer of primer to increase adhesion or add background, so the product surface without contact with the printed film, you can avoid damage to the product surface and its integrity.

Water transfer Special chemical treatment of the film, after printing the required color lines, flat water on the surface, spray coating can be completely dissolved without damaging the membrane on the film activator, the use of water The role of pressure, the color pattern of lines evenly transferred to the product surface, after washing and drying, and then a layer of transparent protective coating, then the product has shown a completely different visual effects.

⒈ car supplies: dashboard, control panel, tissue tray, cup holder, tape stand, after the mirror frame, handle, car locks, etc .;

⒉ electronic products: telephone, pagers, video recorders, audio, remote control, mouse, watches, keyboards, cameras, hair dryer, etc .;

⒊ room supplies: sofa, coffee table, cabinets, chandeliers, ashtrays, vases, furnishings and other containers;

⒋ daily necessities: luggage accessories, tableware handle, glasses boxes, pens, inserted pen holder, desk calendar frame, art photo frame, racket, hair accessories, pen, makeup boxes, etc.

5 indoor building materials: doors and windows, floors, wall panels and so on


1. Making water label transfer printing paper → flower paper soaked → pattern transfer → drying → finished product
2. Water drape film production → Transfer material spray primer after drying → film into the water → spray activator on the film → object film transfer → washing → drying → spray oil dry packaging products